Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Noah's 2!

Today is Noah's birthday. Happy Birthday sweet boy.


At age 2 you can probably best be described as mischievous. You surly know how to get yourself into some trouble. You hate being away from Ryan but I am convinced it is because you LOVE to torment him. You know just the right buttons to push to set him off (although with Ryan you don't really need to push that hard). You are the most headstrong child ever. You know what you want and will not quit until you get it. At 2 this can sometimes be frustrating but I firmly believe this will serve you well in life. So, I will continue to encourage this behavior just in a little more respectful manner.

You LOVE going to grandma's house, I think it's because all the junk food you get to eat over there. You love baths, and Buzz Lightyear, cars, and shoes. Yep, I said shoes, For some reason you will take all the shoes and wear them around the house one mismatched pair at a time. Your favorite thing in the world right now are crackers. You will eat them nonstop until you finally get cut off. This is normally where the headstrong part of your personality comes out. You will continue to have a fit until you get ANOTHER cracker. For the most part we are strong but there are times...

You are quite the picky eater. You are not much for trying new things in the kitchen. Right now you are on any 2 year olds diet. You love macaroni and cheese, PB&J, and chicken. This is basically your staple diet. You love your fruit bars for snack and oatmeal for breakfast. You have moms sweet tooth and you seem to be partial to the desserts.

Last night, you were having a hard time sleeping (grandma loaded you with sugar) and daddy laid you in our bed. When I went to sleep you looked at me and crawled into my arms to sleep with me. You fit so perfectly in my arms I didn't want to let go of my 1 year old boy. I think you need to slow down and not grow up so fast. My baby is a toddler. You no longer let me pick out your shoes or let me dress you on the changing table.

I remember bringing you into this world as if it were yesterday. You captured our hearts that day and never let go. Daddy and I love you so much. We love the mischievous, rambunctious, sweet, energetic, little boy that you are.

Happy Birthday son,


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Amy said...

What an incredibly sweet entry. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. Happy 2nd birthday Noah!!!