Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Noah's party

Noah's birthday party was thrown together and actually went off without a hitch last Saturday. We went to our favorite park and played and ate pizza. Noah along with the other kids played in the water, then played on the playground, and finished by riding his bike in circles trying to catch up with his older brother.

I remember sitting at the park, the sun was shining, the kids were playing and having a great time, and we were surrounded with friends and family. I though to myself that these are the moments in life where everything is just good. I could feel my blessings all around me.

I wish I put more time into his party. I wanted there to be some more special moments for him but I won't get to down on myself. I will just start now on next year! =)

To my special little Noah, I hope you had a blast!

Post Edit note: I know the picture is "off" in sizing but I have yet to figure out how make the picture bigger once a picture has been cropped. (Well, actually I haven't tried to figure it out because I'm lazy and I figure it's good enough)!

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Linda said...

Sooooo cute!