Tuesday, May 04, 2010

7 and counting

It's funny. I went through my blog and I have yet to document one marriage anniversary. Why? Not sure, but I think it's time to go against the norm today. Tim and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary on Sunday. I love it! Every minute spent with him has been a blessed minute.

Here is a peek into our last 7 years:

  • on our wedding night (it's ok, it's a PG story) I prepared a bubble bath and couldn't understand why the bottle of bubbles they give you was so small. I dumped the whole bottle in and turned on the jets. Bad idea, bubbles were EVERYWHERE!
  • When we first started dating we went to Kate Sessions park and spent the evening talking about everything. It changed our relationship. Tim asked me to marry him in the same spot, and we just watched fireworks from there on Sunday to celebrate 7 years of marriage.
  • Together we have watched every episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" .... about 10 time.
  • When we started watching 24 we rented the previous seasons from NetFlicks and stayed up until 3am every night watching it.
  • Our wedding photographer had a lazy eye. Weird.
  • My engagement ring has the stone from my grandmothers wedding ring and is probably one of the most meaningful things in the world to me. My ring also has sapphires like my mothers wedding ring and it happens to be Ryan's birthstone.
  • speaking of rings. I wanted to design my wedding band to match my engagement ring. When I picked up the ring I cried it was so ugly. When I gathered the nerve to tell the jeweler he felt sorry for me, I'm sure, and let me pick out one that was already made.
  • Tim had a VW bus when we were first dating that didn't have reverse or 4th gear. (yes, one day I will document the story of our meeting and dating)
  • We have 2 totally different kids. Ryan looks like me and personality wise is just like Tim. Noah on the other hand looks more like Tim and has my personality traits (sorry bud).
  • We LOVE "Old School". We watch it when we feel like a laugh.

One of my biggest regrets in these past 7 years is the lack of pictures we take together, I'm going to have to work on that. In fact, I think we should work on that with a vacation. What do you think hubby? =)

I love you

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Kylie said...

Happy anniversary! We love you guys!