Friday, April 16, 2010

Letter to a friend

Dear Amy,

I just wanted to let you know I am not a very good friend. I am very sad you no longer live down the street (around the corner, down the road, and up the other street) but I still strive to be a good long distance friend. The problem with this is I seem to be very lazy. I ran across this box when cleaning out the closet the other day. Have you noticed the to/from has faded? This is because it is your Christmas gift from about 3 years ago. Sad huh? It seems I never walked the 2 blocks to the post office to send the package. I’ve told you about it, now I just felt like I needed to prove I was not lying.

Unfortunately, upon further inspection it seems the contents from within decided to try and escape. This leaving the gift, well, gross! You have probably noticed I now use Amazon to ship things directly to your house. This seems to be a much better option for people like me. I will strive to be better in the future but unfortunately there will be no promises. Please know this laziness has nothing to do with the love I have for this friendship (if that were the case I would be divorced).

Your friend,



Linda said...

Did you mess up something from Sephora? Shame on you!!!

Kylie said...

HAHAHA. You have talked about needing to mail this for a long time. Too funny.

Amy said...

Dear Megan,
I love you for the beautiful woman, mother, and friend that you have always been and continue to be. Gifts do not matter. Please move down the street from me.