Saturday, April 10, 2010


I know I am a little behind on blogging but I want all these holidays documented. So, better late then never.

We had a pretty good Easter. Bobby, Rachel, and the kids came down and we were all able to spend Easter together. This was a rare treat since usually we are all called to be at our home church for this day. Bobby is in the transition of church planting so he came down and led Easter Sunday at Rancho Vista Church. It was a great time of worship. Thanks Bob.

(sound check before service..aren't the flowers and plants on stage pretty)
We did an easter egg hunt after service. Not many pictures from there because I have yet to take those pictures off the other camera. Kylie was able to take this family picture for us. Couldn't get everyone to smile at the same time but who can at this age?

After church we went to my moms house and did what every family does on Easter...

Yep, noah playing cars, sleeping, looking bored out of our minds and more sleeping. But at least we weren't doing Tim's job...

Yep, picking up the dog poop.

After this, we had an earthquake to shake things up around here. Everyone woke up and Rachel and I hid eggs for the kids

Then we let the kids loose

Good times were had. We tried our best to get a group picture of the kids but like I said, just not possible

Such a fun time. Well, except for Caleb who was sick... and Bobby and Rachel who were up all night the night before with Caleb. But hey, I had a blast!

Christ in Risen!

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