Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How He loves

Yesterday I sat down to write this blog post and it got derailed. One thing led to another and I got completely off track. Here is what happened:

At this moment of time in my life I LOVE THIS SONG. I have heard it several times and I love it more and more. It is just so well written. Here is the Kim Walker version of HOW HE LOVES (my personal favorite).

Awesome right? If you didn't listen to the whole thing I hope you listened until the power chorus. Such great stuff.

So, as I was looking up the video on You Tube I saw an interview with the original songwriter JOHN MARK MCMILLAN. I knew of the controversy about the SLOPPY WET KISS part of the song to I went to my brothers blog where he blogged about what JOHN MARK MCMILLAN had to say about the uproar. After reading the blog on his website I read several more of his posts and LOVED THEM. His blogs are so interesting to me because he really challenges you to think, and to think outside the worship box. Not sure I agree with everything he says but he still got me thinking.

One of his blogs I really liked was about being WORLDLY CHRISTIANS. Here is the quote that stands out most to me...

The Bible seems to say to me that any religious institution should only complement and assist us with our “secular” lives, but not become our lives.

How easy is it for us to get caught up in the our own CHURCH BOX? We hang out with "church friends" and go to life groups and church meeting s but yet in the end we keep all that separate from our day to day SECULAR lives.

I think God is working on something in me right now. I'm a little scared because I think he is working on some of my nice comfortable character flaws that I will probable (gasp) have to change.

So there you have it. All I wanted to do was post the video and you got all the fun extras. I really do encourage you to read more of JOHN M. MCMILLAN's blog. He has some great stuff on worship.

good night

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