Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lucky in love


I hope everyone had a great valentines day! I was able to take a nap, hang out at the park with my boys, and then put the kids down to sleep while my husband made me a YUMMY dinner. Have I mentioned that I love this guy? Well, I do!

Ryan helped me make PB&J sandwiches in a heart shape for him and Noah to eat for lunch.

Totally different topic:

I was putting the kids down for bed tonight and had such a fun time. Not to long ago I hated bedtime. Ryan would get out of bed at least 10 times at night. Now, he just kinda goes down and stays down. He maybe gets up once but I'll take that.
When I put him to bed and we pray... hands down best part of the day. In between him being thankful to God for EVERYONE he has ever met (yes, we call them all by name) he starts to talk about things that are on his mind. Like how he likes his toy at grandma's, Cat in the Hat in particular. It is just a fun time to see into this little boys head. I LOVE hearing him talk about his day. He has such a different perspective on everything. We are so blessed.

Dear Trader Joe's,

Please never run out of helium EVER again. There are some little boys out there that depend on getting a balloon when going to your store. If said balloon is not there it makes for a long walk to the car with many stares from strangers.

Just a request from a mother who just wants to get through her grocery shopping.

Have a beautiful Tuesday!

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