Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Dear Ryan


I love you. It seems to have been a rough week for both of us. I know sometimes I yell at you more then I would like to. I’m sorry for that. You are such a kind hearted little person. Sometime (most of the time) when I put you down to sleep and you refuse to stay in bed, well, it makes my blood pressure skyrocket. Or when you pretend to not hear me speak, or you just laugh when I get upset with you.. But I will try to remind myself to allow you to be who you are and love you and parent you in a gentle and calm way. Thank you for being such a great brother to noah. I know you snuck into his crib after bedtime. I heard you both on the monitor laughing together. I pray that I will hear that forever. noah already looks up to you, he is so blessed to have you as a brother. I am so proud to be your mommy you are my heart.

Sleep tight


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Linda said...

Yes, sometimes it's us parents who need to take a time out.....they are so little and precious,but can be such devil. However, we're the ones who feel bad after we lose our temper. Practice, practice, practice patience.