Monday, November 09, 2009

B-O-R-E-D at home

They say the bigger the hair the better the sleep...

Noah slept very well during his nap today.

This weekend was pretty non eventful considering we are in the thick of potty training.
I know, it's about time, huh?
Ryan has been doing great except we are
It's hard to leave the house in the beginning of potty training.
I had to get creative..FAST.
Here are the weekend highlights

The worst!!
Noah fell right on the corner of the wall, his head got a HUGE knot.
My heart was so sad for him.

We played with water colors (everything in underwear of course)

We gave ottoman rides

Until Noah fell off (ahem, pushed off by his brother)

The boys played with their electronics

Ryan pretended to be a Robot

We made a fun snack.
Actually Ryan made his as Noah napped.
(Don't feel bad for him... remember the hair!)

Then after some coloring and potty time
Ryan helped me with dinner

Dinner was yummy.
All in all a great weekend.
It's fun to just hang out with the kids and find fun things to do.

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Amy said...

wow! you're boys are getting so big! looks like fun to me! meg, you & your mom continue to be in our prayers. call when you get a chance.