Monday, October 19, 2009


Well, it was an eventful weekend. On Saturday Lisa and I went and picked up our packets for the race. We listened to the race talk, and we walked around the expo buying ourselves some last minute odds and ends (like out race outfit).
Once I was home I decided I didn't really like the bike I borrowed and tried to convince Tim to buy me a $500 bike at REI. That plan was foiled once Tim saw the text message I got from Lisa letting me know I could borrow her mom's bike. Oh well, I guess I saved money (Note: don't decide what bike you are going to ride the night before the race)

The night before the race the family went to Lisa's parents house to celebrate her nieces' third birthday. Tim had to go on an errand so we ended up there longer then expected, which would be fine if I wasn't allergic to cats. Yep, eyes were scratchy, and starting to get bumps around my eyes. Had no other choice but to take a benadryl. Lisa drove us back to her house in my car where I stayed the night to get ready for the race.


I'm not doing to lie, I was pretty nervous. We got to the race around 6am and set up our transition area. Then we waited!


20 minutes.
Not the time I wanted. The swim was harder then I thought it would be. Seriously, it took me until the last 300 meters to settle myself down and do a complete stroke. The bay swim threw me a little. Not really what I expected.


56 minutes
Again not what I wanted. Part of this comes back to the not having the bike I was going to ride until the night before. I didn't have a chance to figure out the gears as completely as I should have therefore EVERYONE passed me. Such a bummer. I think I could have done better it I knew how to use my gears. I knew how to use them within the 2nd left shifter but I need to kick up to third and didn't understand that at the time. Even the beach cruisers were passing me, it was bad! I knew they were not all peddling faster then me. So frustrating. I am pretty sure I can do better then that time.

The RUN:

35 min
Just happy I finished it. My knees were killing me along with my left ankle. I must confess, there were moments of walking but I tried to keep myself going and getting into a rhythm.

Total time:
1hr 58min

After the race

Lisa and me


I had a great time. Not really because of the triathlon but because I was doing it with Lisa, LeAnne, and Christa. I will probably do it again next year. There are too many areas of this race I know I can do better on. Finishing doesn't inspire me, getting better and trying to better myself inspires me!

Christa, LeAnne, Me, Lisa

Lisa, muddy buddy??

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Lisa R said...

I have to look into this muddy it a tri or only a run? I might be down! But then again, it might be too soon ;)