Thursday, October 22, 2009

already Thursday?

It's been quite a week. I can't believe it is already Thursday. I know, I usually don't feel that way but it's true for this week. Why is my week flying by? I am so glad you asked...

SUNDAY- Triathlon (read prior post)

MONDAY- Did you see the Chargers game?... ugh!

TUESDAY- ohhh, I got to sleep in today. My head did not come up from that pillow until after 7am. Just heavenly! I took the day off work as Ryan had his speech therapy evaluation. He did awesome and made us look like amateur parents for even thinking he had a problem with his speech. He was talking up a storm to anyone that would listen and most of his words, I kid you not, were very understandable. He is still rather lazy with the end of words so the speech therapist recommended a class once a week for 8 weeks that works both with the child and the parents on skills to help enhance this pronunciation. (side mention: had to get called out of my spin class to tend to a 17 month old that would not stop crying until I held him, so glad I was able to help you out Noah)

WEDNESDAY- I had to see the dental hygienist. I had a cleaning... a deep cleaning. I am a baby! I had a hard time speaking stern but nicely to my children without a pool of drool running down the side of my face. In the evening it was off to worship rehearsal. So glad the whole mouth area was back to normal by then.

TODAY- Wow, today was a doozy. Ryan has been constipated since he was born. At his last doctor appointment we scheduled for him to have a barium enema so they could take x rays of his colon. Ryan is a champ. I'm not going to lie, there was a lot of crying going on but he did great under the circumstances. It is so hard watching your child be scared and feeling so helpless. Ryan did go poo poo on the potty though (sorry, mom talk) and was calmly awaiting his sticker from the nurse for his accomplishment. After his appointment we went to Chili's (totally unneeded), picked up Noah, and hung out at the house.

That all leads us to this moment where I have pear bread in the oven and watching Oprah on TiVo. It's been an interesting week so far and I love it. Sitting here feeling blessed for the amazing family I have.

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