Saturday, January 17, 2009


So, I'm a little behind on the blogging...sorry! There are a lot of pictures and events to share. I guess we'll see what I get around to posting.

First let's start with saying Christmas was great. Ryan seemed to love opening Noah's gifts more then his own. Noah did a great job opening his gifts this year. All around a great day with family.

Then a few days later we went with Tim's family to tour the USS Midway. I have never been and thought it would be fun. Ryan was very excited to be on the boat with the airplanes. We prepared ourselves for a long day on the Midway, after all, there are about 62 points of interest on the boat! Well, as most of you heard we only made it to number 3. As Ryan was walking through the doorway his foot got caught and he fell. My poor boy split his forehead open and blood was pouring everywhere. My perfect little baby will now have a mark forever branded on his head telling the world his mommy should have been holding his hand. We took him to Childrens Hospital where we got 3 stitches in his head.

Here are his battle wound pictures from the hospital...

Ryan's cut

getting numb for the stitches

Trying desperately to keep him entertained

with all the commotion Ryan missed his nap (they gave him the dog after the stitches were done... great hospital)


Linda said...

Hey, accidents happen. Glad Ryan is ok. Remember your stitches??? Love ya

Adam Hazlett said...

so sorry this happened to Ryan. i know the helpless feeling & guilt that you speak of... hard to get over. it will look much better soon.

Kylie said...

You can hardley tell looking at him now! So glad it wasn't worse. He looks so brave in his pictures.

kate said...

Awwww, now he and Nolan match!