Sunday, August 03, 2008

My little Man

Tim and I have discussed this for months and we finally did it...Ryan slept in a toddler bed for the first time tonight. Well, it is his crib that converts to a toddler bed. We thought it's about time. Ryan actually liked it. When Tim took the crib railings down he just wanted to sit on his bed and hang out.

So, we got him ready put him in bed and left. About 10 min later I hear a big thump come from his room. The first thing I thought was great he fell out of bed. As I went into his bedroom and he wasn't on the bed. I also didn't hear crying so my next thought was he is knocked out on the floor. Well imagine my panic when he wasn't there either (not sure why I freaked out, there really was no where for him to go!) All of a sudden I see this face peaking at me. Ryan has made his way into the closet and was opening and shutting the door. Tim and I just laughed..we didn't expect him to stay there the first night.

About 5 min after I found him in the closet he had made his way back to bed and was fast asleep. Now I just hope the morning goes as well. Maybe instead of yelling for us to get him he will just start playing with his toys. Hey, a girl can hope. Here are some picture of the big boy and his big boy bed...

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Adam, Amy & Andrew said...

That's great! What a big boy Ryan is becoming! I am so thrilled to visit with you guys soon!