Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Maternity clothes

I hate them!! I totally should not be in them anymore. Why did I do this to myself again? I was doing good watching my weight gain in the beginning of my pregnancy but toward the end it got out of hand!

After Ryan I was eating so much better and actually got to the point where I wanted to run (that is huge for me!) This time around I can't get out of this funk. It's a struggle to eat good (which I'm not), and to work out (which I haven't done much of). This all leads me to this... we are taking a trip at the end of this month and I REFUSE to still be in maternity cloths! I have much shopping to do for myself. Not, Noah, or Ryan, or Tim, but me! So here I go again. Back to learning how to enjoy running and back to the sore body that comes with lifting. I have 24 days to do it in... wish me luck!!

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