Sunday, July 20, 2008

Santa Cruz

Last week we spent some time in Nor Cal visiting Bobby, Rachel and Caleb. Overall we had a great time. On the first day we went to blue ball park because Tim wanted Ryan to ride the big slide, well... the big slide was broken and we we not able to ride it. Tim, Rach, the kids and I spent a day in San Jose so the kids could get their pictures taken. Well, Caleb and Ryan didn't really seem in the mood to have their pics taken. It was quite and event. We kept tell the photographer that we were done but she kept taking pictures. After that we attempted taking 2 1 year old kids without naps to BJ's for lunch. Not our best idea.

On Saturday after noon Bobby was finally able to join us. Tim found a place where we could hang out at the lake. Well, I had they great idea to rent paddle boats. My even better Idea was to send all the guys out while Rachel and I stayed back with Noah. Well, you can see for yourself how this went...

Then Bobby, Rachel, and I went out while Tim stayed back with the kids

Sunday, Tim sat in with Bobby during worship and then off to downtown Santa Cruz and then to the Boardwalk. It was pretty windy but the kids were able to play in the grassy area. As for the boardwalk...not at all what I expected, oh well!

Then on Monday we all drove down to Monterey to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We had fun although we parked about 5 block up the hill from hell. (It was a bit of a workout). Then for dinner we went to Sly McFlys... I would recommend this restaurant to nobody! Everyones food was just a little under expectation and hospitality seemed lacking. When we got home Tim and Bobby went to play in the softball game (which they won) and then brought us home some really good Ice Cream (for the third time during the week!) Rachel and I were asleep when they got home but we were more then happy to wake up for ice cream!

Anyhow, all in all me had a good time. Nothing really turned out how we thought it would but we have a good time making the best of our situations.

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Linda said...

Thanks for the laugh, the video was great!!!