Monday, February 04, 2008

Torrey Pines

On Saturday we have a nice family day. Tim had been working like crazy so I thought we could spare some time to hang out as a family. We went to Torrey Pines and walked the trails along the bluff down to the beach. Tim and I have both loved here all our lives and never been there before. Just a few weeks ago we bought a backpack carrier on craigslist for Ryan and thought this would be a great time to break it in.

The morning was late afternoon was a little cold and overcast. Once we got to the beach the sun started to shine through. We were able to play on the sand and had a snack. The way back up was tiring (I am so out of shape!) and by this time it seemed the sun was out in full force! We had to take the long way back to Tim could see the back side of the Torrey Pines Golf Course. That man has some issues!

After we were done walking the paths we decided to use our coupon at Scripps Aquarium. It was a fun time. Ryan enjoyed looking at the fish and touching the star fish. Next stop we made was to my mothers house where we dropped off Ryan and Tim and I had a nice dinner at Red Lobster. All in all a great day!

All this just in time before it rained ALL DAY Sunday!

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