Friday, January 25, 2008


I can't begin to tell you how blessed I am for having my boys in my life.

Tim is my God send. Just as I started to write this post he came home for 3 min. on his "lunch break" to give me a burrito he spent 30 min waiting for at Lolita's. (FYI, don't go to Lolita's on a Friday night if your in a hurry). This is what Tim does though... everything I ask of him. He is awesome and my words fall short of how much he means to me. Now, because I am hormonal I think I'm going to cry. I guess I write all this because I can take for granted how hard it is to find a good guy out there. One that makes you feel loved and respected. Tim just fell into my lap. Please don't get me started on how awesome he is as a father.

Ryan is the funniest kid EVER! Everyday he just cracks me up. He is so unique. I watch him and wonder how he comes up with the things he does. I have to admit there are days that I get sad that I can't just sit and hold him like I used to. Now he has to be running around and throwing something. So often during the day he will come and give me a book and just sit in my lap. I love it! I love him!

Finally, baby #2. I can't wait to see him. With Ryan I didn't think about what he looked like. I couldn't even imagine. Now I just think if this one will look like Ryan. Will he have the head of hair Ryan was born with? How about those cheeks? And Lord, will he sleep through the night? Will he be laid back like Ryan? I'm excited!

Mostly, I want to raise my boys to be like their father. I want them to respect ladies and have manners. I want them to know how to treat others. I want my boys to grow up and become men. Men who take responsibility for their actions and decisions. Men who love the Lord.

I guess I would be in trouble it I didn't mention the 4th male in the house...Badger. What can I say, he got my car seat muddy today, he sheds everywhere, and Ryan always seems to be eating his chew toys (Yuck!) But he is a member of this family and I love him too.

Well, I have decided I am out numbered on the male to female ratio in this family! I love it!

I have a burrito to eat now...


mom said...

Your boys will grow up to be awesome men because they have such an awesome role model. Ryan is so blessed to have you two for parents.

Linda said...

You are too cute. I love you!

Anonymous said...

Dude...I love him too....I am crying...:) Guess who.