Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Okay, I am here and alive! What a crazy month it's been. It seems we have been going from one thing to the next and I need a pause button! Here is a overview of the past month.

Halloween was fun. Tim and I enjoyed watching Ryan go to the different houses. We just went to one block but that was enough for Ryan.

On the first of November Ryan ans I took a trip to Philly to visit the Hazletts. It was so much fun hanging out with Amy, I miss that girl!

We started the trip off right when Adam watched to kids and Amy and I went for a massage to celebrate her birthday. After, we walked around downtown, bought WAY to much popcorn (don't ask!), and played around in Sephora (I love that place!)

Well, Ryan just woke up from is nap. Have to go shopping.

to be continued...


Linda said...

I'm with you. Sephora is my most favorite store. I order online all the time. It gets very expensive!!!

Love you

Kylie said...

Good to see you blogging again :) I miss Amy too...move back girl!