Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Palm Desert

On Thursday we left for Palm Desert. All I can say is HOT!! The guys drove up Thursday in time for their 7am tee time. Kylie and I did our weights an left about 12pm. We stopped at the outlets on the way up where I got a few items and then got to the hotel around 6pm. That night Tyler was not feeling well as he had a fever the whole weekend. It was a rough night for Kylie and Tyler. Did I mention we were all in one hotel room. Friday morning while the guy golfed we took the babies to the pool. The water felt so nice. In the afternoon Kylie and I were supposed to get our massages but they ended up taking Tyler to the E.R after his fever was on the rise. Turns out everything was okay the just had to play the waiting game until the fever went down. While Chad and Kylie were tending to Tyler, Tim and I used the time together to swim with
Ryan. That evening the guys played another round of golf and then we all had a nice dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Friday night went a lot smoother. On Saturday the guys player ANOTHER round of golf (that makes 6 rounds if counting). We all ate at Islands and then were on our way home.

All and all it was an alright trip. Very hot. Still need to get my massage. Here are some pictures...

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