Sunday, July 29, 2007

I love Blues Clues

I remember when I used to babysit the kids I sat for really loved Blues Clues. I decided to TiVo it on Friday and played it for Ryan today. He LOVED it. He has never watched TV before ( I guess he's not really in to soaps and Oprah). The second I turned it on he crawled from sitting on the couch with me to standing right in front of the TV.
It was time for breakfast so I let him watch Blues Clues while eating and he didn't throw any food on the ground (Badger was bummed!). He ate all his waffles, bananas, and cheerios. Also, whenever they clapped on the TV he would start clapping to. Ryan is so funny!
It is bad I have my child watching TV at 10 months? It it worse I put him in front of the TV while eating to watch TV? It is horrible that he is watching it for the second time while I write this.

Update: As I am writing Ryan has started to throw bananas overboard, and to Badgers dismay he doesn't even like bananas! Oh well, it took him longer!

Here he is...isn't he funny?! (I must be his mom!)

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Linda said...

Did you rearrange your furniture??? Better watch'll get hooked on the tv babysitter!!!

Love ya