Saturday, July 28, 2007


Friday, Tim and I both ditched work and spent a day as a family. In the morning Tim watched Ryan as I went to lift weights (biceps and triceps). We were going to go to the bodies exhibit at UTC but it was $26.50 per person. I little on the expensive side. Instead we thought we would go to Coronado and hang out. (We still hope to go the the bodies exhibit at another time).

We started out day at the Coronado Brewing Co. and shared some fish and chips. I also had a soda while Tim had to try out the beer. It was nice. Then we went to take the ferry to Seaport Village but we missed it by 6 min. Instead we hung out on the grass, walked along the bay and let Ryan get his feet wet.

After that we went to Peohe's and has the lava cake. It was soooo good! We sat outside on the deck that overlooked to bay. San Diego is such a beautiful place.

After our day in Coronado we ended up in good old Chula Vista. We went to Filippis for some pizza. My aunt and uncle are in town so the family gathered together to eat.

By the time we got home it was about 8pm and Ryan was more then ready for bed. I am tired just thinking about it again.

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Linda said...

Wow, the pizza dinner looks like the most fun!!! Just kidding. It was great seeing you guys. I can hardly wait until our condo time!!!