Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Rodeo

The rodeo. That's how is spent my Saturday night, at the Lakeside Rodeo. This is my first rodeo and I don't know what to think. My experience started at the 7-11 walking to the rodeo when we ran into a couple that had started their party a little early. This was exactly what I expected. When when you get to the gates you find people of all kinds. I had to hold Tim back from wearing his cowboy hat and boots. Now I'm sure your thinking, why can't he where his boots? Well, that would be because he put them on with his shorts.

Tim made fun of me because I felt bad for the animals. Tim thinks I should join PETA now. You should see the things they do to the animals. They tackle them and put ropes around them, they get pulled from both sides. I think I lost the redneck card that I inherited when I married into the Farmer family. I sat next to Tim and one of my friends from Texas. That's right, Texas. The rodeo was in her back yard growing up. No one there felt my compassion for these animals.

According to Tim I will be left behind for the next rodeo. Oh, well.


Fickle Obsessor said...

No more UFC for you, too! There is a cock-fight next week, though. You down?

The Early Family said...

I thought the only rodeos held came to Laughlin, Bullhead and Kingman. I may live around rednecks, but I never go to the redneck events (except the moster trucks once for Zach)...Whats next Nascar, and Bass Toury? Shake yourself and go to a Padre game. Also Mothers day is coming up. Can you show my mom a great time since she will be out of town in San Diego for me? Something better than Easter if you can muster up the energy.-Travis