Monday, April 16, 2007

Let's rank them

I've decided to do a series of posts that will rank my top 5. I hope that everyone (if anyone) reading will join in and let me know your top 5.

I am currently watching the travel channels program "Great Cruises: Freedom of the Seas". So today I am going to rate the top 5 vacation destination I still want to go (not allowed to use places I've already been). This list can change at any time. Here we go... in no particular order:

1. Great Britain

2. Costa Rica

3. Grand Mediterranean Cruise

4. Alaskan Cruise

5. House boat vacation (doesn't matter where)

I will also have to add a vacation on the Freedom of the Seas because watching it on TV looks like lots of fun. It goes to the Caribbean.


Donna said...

My top 5 are:
I have already done Costa Rica and I loved it. I would also like to do a cruise with my whole family.

Aunt Linda said...

My top five are (no particular order):

New York
Greece, Italy, or Paris

However, I think my next trip is good, old San Diego! Be seeing ya soon!

Love ya

Donna said...
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Donna said...
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Donna said...

Happy 7 mo birthday to Ryan!!! :)

Donna said...

I'd love to go to Greece and also Istanbul, Turkey. Maybe it should have been a top ten list. Italy and Paris are great but been there, done that! Would love to go back to both though, but she said not allowed to use places you've already been.

amanda_nicole said...

ooh, ooh, I'm in great britain, come see me!

Bobby said...

1. Israel
2. Africa
3. Tahiti
4. Costa Rica
5. China

Fickle Obsessor said...

Australia/New Zealand