Thursday, October 26, 2006


I can not believe how fast time passes. Ryan is so alert and smiling all the time...well not ALL the time. He coos at us and is just a joy to be around. Ryan is sleeping an average of 6 hours at night and wide awake during the day. He loves to be held which does not allow much to get done during the day. His baby acne is beginning to clear up so I think it's time to take more pictures. Tim and I are doing our best to figure out how I can work it out where I don't go back to work but stay home with Ryan. The thought of leaving my baby breaks my heart. Please keep us in your prayers! I thought I would put us some more pictures of Ryan smiling.


Mom said...

It's about time we got some new pictues. Isn't he a beautiful child? Just like his mother was. I love you all.

Steve Eller said...

Great looking kid!

Aunt Linda said...

I can't wait to get my hands on him!! Looking forward to your visit.......don't forget my tortillas!!!

Love ya!
Aunt Linda