Monday, August 27, 2012


Hustle= To move quickly

It gets me crazy when we are running late somewhere and the kids are moving at a snails pace.  Now, if you know me, you  know I'm ALWAYS late getting somewhere.  In the mornings we will tell Ryan a thousand times that he is going to be late for school and he needs to hustle but it seems very inefficient to actually get him moving.  He lives his life at his own pace.

For some random reason this morning I started thinking of the word that I have used oh so many times on my slow moving children.  What it means to hustle.  This morning when I went to drop Ryan off at school, I decided to run home, er, jog, home (I think my jog is a tall persons walk). I think I am missing my hustle.  I ran jogged about a half a block and everything was already hurting.  I know people who actually enjoy running, we can't be having the same experience.  I have a feeling the only way to get closer to where I want to be is to... Hustle.  To keep going and doing it quickly.  To get up and move.

I had a conversation with a friend, Jess, who is nervous about her child birthing experience that will be coming up in the near future.  After one less then stellar birth story she wants this experience to be different.  I remember telling her that the only way to make sure you don't have the same experience is by doing something different.  Now, did she listen?  Well, yes and no.  She heard the same advise from someone a little more "hippie" then me and THEN started looking into changing things - but I'm sure I planted the seed!

The reason I tell that story is because I sit here looking at the scale for another morning and I can't seem to get the number to change.  Then, it hit me.  My words came back to haunt me... if you want a different result, you need to DO something different.  Ugh, I was talking about childbirth, not myself.  To be honest I never though of applying it to my life, this was what God was saying to me about HER life!

So here we are.  Another workout post.  Sorry, I have tried not to do it but I have no choice.  I wasn't writing about it because if I did I would actually feel obligated to DO something about it.  It has come to that point though.  I have arrived at the crossroads of Get UP or SHUT UP.  So, I'm getting up.  Goals are still to be worked out but they are coming.

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why did you post a photo of Tim on a blog post about you?