Friday, July 06, 2012

Pictures have not been my friend so far this summer.  I don't have a handy fun smart phone to take pictures on either.  This is what we have been doing though.

  • Saw Wicked on Monday night.  It was an incredible show and I thank Tim for taking me to see it for my birthday.  
  • The same day our dog, Badger, ran away.  The next morning we found him at the local shelter but he did put a damper on date night to Wicked.  On the pro side, the shelter gave him his shots and registered him which we have been needing to do anyhow.
  • This past Sunday Luke got dedicated at church.  It was a nice day we spent with friends and family at church, swimming, and watching a movie outside while eating s'mores.  It was a great day!
  • On the 4th we went to San Miguel Park where Tim organized a community even with live music, food trucks and bounce houses.  We all have a great time yet not one picture was snapped by me on Luke's first 4th  ;(
All this in July and it's only the 6th.  I think this will be a good month.  Noah starts Tiny Tots on Tuesday and they will both be going back to school by the end of month.  Noah will start preschool, and Ryan 1st grade.  Maybe I can talk Tim into a mini vacation before school starts.  

I guess we'll see!

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