Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not the most uplifting... sorry

Last night was rough, scratch that, the past few months seem to have been rough.
Luke had proven to be the most stubborn of my babies. Saying he is a strong willed child is putting it lightly. I know one day this will be a quality God uses for his glory, but for now it's making me CRAZY! He didn't gain any weight at his last doctor appointment. The doctor isn't too concerned but is seems to be another thing on the list to be mind full of.

As for last nights breakdown. I have had computer issues. Which led me to need a new hard drive (well, i actually didn't need one but the geniuses at apple thought I did). This led to a horrible mixup somewhere that ended up with all my pictures for the past 3 years about the size of a thumbnail (approx. 50kb files). I have looked everywhere to try to see if the larger files are hiding somewhere on my computer... no such luck. Tears well up inside of me just thinking about it.

I am so grateful to have this little corner of the internet. Now more then ever. The pictures here are bigger then I can get them on my computer. I don't understand how or why this happened. I just want all those memories that were preserved back. The pictures of my mom, my kids first... everything! Lukes newborn photos.

I'm really trying to talk myself down. Telling myself that they are just pictures and the memories are in my heart, OR, that at least I still have them in some form on my computer to see them when I want. Somehow this comfort falls short though.
To not be able to blow up a picture of Noah and the crazy super blonde hair he sported the first few years of life. He has the cutest little toddler face you have ever seen.

I am going to try and put this under the live and learn category but my heart might take a little time to get there.
I promise, more upbeat stuff to come later.
Don't worry, pictures of Luke at 6 months were salvaged.



Sally P-G said...

I lost all my pictures on my Mac last summer so I totally know what you are going through. Did Mac say there was nothing more they could do? I took mine to a friend of a friend and he recovered every last image on my computer big and small so I got a lot back. Hang in there :)

Linda said...

Oh Mego, I am so sorry. I think I have some pics of you all at the zoo. Plus, you know I have some pics of your mom too. I can try to put them on a cd and bring them down when I come. I agree with Sally, you need a good IT person, and I think they could probably help. Hang in there, angel. I love you!

Kylie said...

Oh friend, I am so so sorry :(