Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, My Love

With all the craziness of March I have yet to address that there was a member of this family that just had a birthday. My most awesome husband celebrated his 34th birthday on the 8th. Let me first say this, I love this guy with everything in me! Yes Tim, you are not just the man of my reality but also the man of my dreams!

Not only is he everything to me, he is the best father to our boys.

I found this picture (that I am sure my mother took by the way heads are cut off) that shows Tim's heart for his boys. I LOVE this picture! It shows a glimpse of the fun he has being a father. I wish I had the words to describe the way it makes my heart feel when I see him being a father to my children. The boys idolize their dad, and there is no better role model out there for them.

So, Happy Birthday to the best husband and father this family could ask for. We love you with all we have!


Amy said...

Sweet, sweet pictures! Happy birthday, Tim!!!

Amy said...
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Linda said...

I agree 100%