Thursday, January 26, 2012


For the first time in a while both kids are at school and the baby is taking a morning nap. The house is quiet. As I sit with my coffee and breakfast I turn the T.V off and do the normal internet routine. I check my email, then Facebook, then my blogs and daily deal sites. I put on Pandora this morning to center me with some christian music. I know some people read that and don't understand but this music centers my heart, it's in my blood, my love language.

This week has been rough. The older boys have taken fighting to a new level. The baby went on a sleep strike. I am no longer a mom, I am an overly tired referee. When I have any spare time I check out some blogs, and Pinterest, but instead of finding comfort that I am not alone in this overly tired parenting bubble, I instead see tutorials on how to make my kids clothes and how to make their lunch into an animated short film by cutting their sandwiches into little main characters and their sides into sidekicks. Me? I barely muster up the energy to put a PB&J sandwich on the table with a bag of apples. That's right folks, I get the already cut apples from Costco.

Why as moms is there so much pressure to be perfect? Everyone else can't be THAT much more put together, can they? So, this morning, I stopped short of reading blogs, looking at Pinterest, and finding deals on things I just don't need. I paused life to pray, reflect, be grateful. Most of all to remind myself of 1 Timothy 6:6 which reads

"Godliness with contentment is great gain"

What I really need to do is clean the house for guest tonight, get groceries, organize my house, mop the floors, plan for tonights life group, get laundry started, etc. After all, I have a quiet house. The thing is, I think God knows more then me - I think - and He is saying "Be still, Be calm, Trust". Who am I to say no!

This is what I am getting at... I don't think other moms are that different from me. We like to show everyone we are supermom to make us feel better about the job we're doing. My boys though - ARE AWESOME. Even though they drive me up the wall 90% of the time. I just need to gain perspective and clarity from God, and not the blog with the well photoshopped picture of the best looking perfect family , or the one with the house that looks like it came from a Pottery Barn catalog full of do it yourself projects (remember, I don't have energy to cut apples). I am sure today is going to be full of twist and turns, joy and frustration, that's my life but it's good to be recharged and refocused.

(this is where I would put the picture of my messy house
and be proud of it - I'm not that brave!)


Jessica said...

Yea!!!! Revolt against the Mompetition in the burbs :) I'm with you... and p.s. pre- sliced apples doesn't make you a bad mom those bad boys have vitamins in them too :)

Linda said...

And they don't turn brown so fast!