Monday, December 05, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We were blessed with a full house this Thanksgiving. My aunt and uncle came for a visit along with my brother and his family. I love having the family around and it is exactly what you would expect a family holiday to be. The house was loud with the 4 kids 5 and under but my brother still seemed to be able to sleep through it all on the couch. We lost my uncle for a while, he seemed to take a page out of my brothers book and napped... do we see a pattern starting. Somehow I was unable to fit in a nap but thats okay, there was cooking to be done.

Rachel helped me to set the table beautifully

and the boys took some time out to play football

this was tackle football people

played some on the ipad

and then time for dinner

all in all a great day...


Kylie said...

Pretty table! And your blog says 4 kids 5 and under...last I check you had a baby and that makes 5 kids :)

bobby said...

Haha...good catch Kylie. Already the youngest is being forgotten. Go take a nap'll help you remember those details. ;)

Linda said...

What a great Thanksgiving. You and Tim are the most gracious hosts around. We love visiting you. You forgot to say your Aunt kept the dishes cleaned and out of the way!!! And ran all over Eastlake the night before with you and Rachel so you could decorate the table so beautifully. OK, part of the running around was for my gig on Wednesday night. Thanks for having all of us. Hope we can do it again sometime!! Love you