Wednesday, July 20, 2011

today was the first day

of Kindergarten!

My baby is not such a baby anymore. Most people around me know I struggled with the idea of waiting another year to start Ryan in kinder or to start him this year. I ended up putting him in this year. Still not 100% on the decision but it was the decision that was made so i will not look backwards.

For some reason I am not the kind of person to get overly emotional about these things so it was not that difficult. Also, Ryan is out of school for the day by 11:15am so he still has plenty of time to cause trouble with his brother.

All that said, the fact that he is starting school that will continue for him until he is in his 20's (God willing) is crazy overwhelming. Tim, Noah, and I walked him to his school this morning. We found his name on the desk and he sat down. The kid next to him was super outgoing and introduced himself right away. Of course, Ryan being Ryan he turned his shy self away and did not say one word back to the kid. I looked at his parents and tried to explain that Ryan is not rude, just painfully shy (my face a little red).

I told Tim it seemed like something out of a sit-com. The kids walk into their class on the first day introduce themselves and then begins a life long friendship. So maybe thats not what is going to happen but hopefully Ryan warms up to his classmates fast.
When we picked him up 2 hours later - it was a short day for them- Ryan seemed to be very happy and excited about his first day. My only complaint is that school starts at 7:45am but it all worked out when Noah and I took a nap on the couch before lunch.

Here's to another chapter in our lives!


Kylie said...

Great pictures Megan!! I can't believe our boys are almost 5 and starting kindergarten!!

Lisa said...

I love the progression of Ryan's face from the first to last picture! Classic. I am so proud of you, tim and Ryan! Yeah School!