Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Thank you!!!

For starters, let me say this is not Megan. This is Tim. Megan is fast asleep on the couch after powering through today. I just wanted to take this opportunity to hack into her account and to say thank you to my lovely wife. She is an amazing woman who has endured so much over these past few months, yet constantly thinks of ways she can help others and continues to have a trust in a plan that God will provide for us in all ways.

We currently have Caleb (4) and Micah (almost 2) for the week and Megan has been absolutely wonderful with them. I have been working until 10:30pm each night, and will continue most of the week so I feel like I've abandoned her but she is doing great. Tomorrow, she is taking ALL the kids to MOPS so however much she paid for the class, she's getting her money's worth tomorrow. Then there are plans for Sea World and the boat parade this weekend.

I just love seeing Megan's heart be shown in how she treats others and I love her more and more because of it. She has every right to shut out the world and take some time to be resentful, grief stricken, angry, etc. But she has taken the path of righteousness and of service. Even through changing over the house, a priority has been keeping a guest bedroom for Linda & John and for Bobby & Rachel (and for anybody else that wants to crash here too...really!) Megan is such a strong, beautiful, loving, and compassionate woman and I'm lucky to be married to her.

Megan, if you read this, thank you with everything I have to give and I love you more than I can ever express.


Rachel said...

I agree with Tim - you are pretty amazing! Thanks so much for taking our kids for us this week. We are so thankful for you! Love you tons!

Lisa said...

so true and so sweet! Love you both!

bobby said...

#1 - That's my sister!
#2 - She did pretty good in the husband territory, too.

Linda said...

Tim, I could not agree more! Both of you have been amazing. It is so nice of you to show your love and appreciation to her like this. And, I'm glad my bedroom is a top priority…..somebody raised that girl right!!!!