Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giving thanks

For me, this thanksgiving day was not as hard as I would have thought. This was the first thanksgiving ever that I did not see my mom. I lay my head down on my pillow at night I have a hard time escaping the memories of the last month she was alive. During the days though, I feel so incredibly blessed.

I have the best friends EVER!

In the past three months I have had so many friends, some life long friends and some new, step up and be there for me in ways I never knew I needed. I am one blessed girl. This thanksgiving I spent with my oldest friend ever. Katie and I became friends when I moved into my home when I was 6 years old. She lived down the street from me and you could not find two people as opposite as Katie and I. Through the years there have been times when we were super close and there have been time we talked once or twice a year. Now, 23 years later she again lives up the street from me with her 2 boys and we spent my first thanksgiving without my mom with her and her family and it only seemed fitting. The kids played and we all ate and the house had life in it again. I am so grateful to call her my friend. I love you Katie.

I am a little disappointed though that the whole day went by and not one picture was taken. I NEED to get better about taking pictures again.

At 9pm on thanksgiving Jessica came to pick me up and Kylie met us at the mall to do some middle of the night shopping. Although Jess whined the WHOLE TIME we had fun. Kylie has been a rock for me since the day my mom was diagnosed and I don't know how I would have gotten through this past year without her. I know in my heart she would do anything for me. God knew that I would need someone like Jessica in my life at this time. Her friendship came into my life strong around my mothers death for a reason. Her passion for God is inspiring and contagious. She has been there for encouragement, fashion consultant, spiritual guidance and mental therapy (I'm sure she will be sending me her bill soon). Seriously, both of these girls are my anchors.

Then there was tonight. So many of my good friends dating back to high school filled my house with love and laughs. These girls are my crutch. They are always there to encourage me and give me strength. They have cried with me, helped me plan a funeral, sent me texts, and emails, and voicemails, and facebook/blog messages lifting me up and giving me strength for another day. Your words touch my heart.

Why am I writing all this? Sitting here in this moment thinking over the past two days my heart is filled with so much joy. None of my family lives here anymore. My brother is in Santa Cruz, and my aunt and uncle are in Arizona. This weekend I have been reminded the definition of family is wide. These friends I have are my roots. They keep me grounded. Some people go through life and have several friends but those friendships don't have roots. They wither away as the investment is only surface.

This thanksgiving I am grateful God has blessed me with such a devoted and beautiful circle of friends.


Linda said...

I saw how blessed you were from the moment your Mom passed away. Your friends are awesome. When I saw how they were there for you it lightened my heart, because I learned that you had friends you could really count on. It is so hard not being there with you. I know my friends and family have seen, and are still seeing me through this, and I know I could not have done this without them, John, my kids, and you and Bobby.

But you, Megan, have always been the daughter I never had and my daily conversations with you mean the world to me. Sometimes they make me laugh and sometimes they make me cry. You are funny, thoughtful, sensitive, and loving.

It was only this morning I was laughing as I dried my hair thinking about you inviting friends over for "game night" without having one game in your house! Running to Costco at the last minute to get munchies. I have to say, you learned how to enjoy friends and family from watching your Mom, because you are just like her in that respect. She loved having company, the more the merrier!

I remember telling JR the other night how compassionate you are when you were telling me how you feel bad for me because I have lost my "core" family, my mom, dad, and sister. Usually people your age don't even understand that.

And then, there was last night, when you were worried about my plans for when I come in December, knowing it would be my first visit since my sister died. You worried that it would be too stressful for me, along with having my friends over. But, like I told you, the people I'm having over are the people who are the closest to me and have seen me through this horrible time. And, I know, if I cry all night, they will cry right along with me. You don't know how much I appreciate they way you care about me.

I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU!!! And, I can hardly wait to see you guys. Give my Cheeky and No, No, Noah, a big hug and kiss for me and let them know I am anxious to see them too! (And you too, Tim, my sister could not have asked for a better son-in-law)

Kylie said...

Yes, I would do anything for you! You are an awesome friend and I love you!

Lisa said...

I love you megan! I am thankful for our friendship and how it continues to grow! You are like my second sister!