Friday, July 23, 2010

Up and out

I haven't blogged much.
I've been busy.
So much to be done.

We are in the middle of moving.
Well, we are more in the beginning of moving
but we should be in the middle of it.

Moving is stressful. So much needs to picked up and packed up.
Although I have my issues with this house,
it is the house I brought my little ones home to when they were born.
It doesn't help that I'm not sure where we are moving to.
I know what your thinking, "but Megan you have time to figure this out".
Well, we have to be out by the 1st of August.
(big sigh)

I know, right? What to do!
My mom is awesome and has invited us into her home.
We are blessed by her.
The only problem is I want MY home.
My things to surround me.
It is very hard to go home again.
Especially when your all grown up with your own family.

I KNOW this will all work itself out.
Sometimes when days seem overwhelming,
I just sit still and listen for God to calm me.
I know He has a plan. I trust him.

Our family motto has always been:

Godliness with contentment is great gain.
1 Timothy 6:6

Ever since Tim and I read that scripture it pierced our hearts.

I love my family and I have some AWESOME friends.
I couldn't get through this nearly as sane without them.

I feel it though. Big stuff in store for the Farmer family.
Look out world...


Kylie said...

Imperial Beach, here you come!

Linda said...

Things usually work for the best and nothing is every set in stone. One day at a time. Sometimes we worry about things that never happen. It is hard to move back home when you have a family of your own and all your own household belongings. I agree that your Mom is awesome, but so are you and Tim. Step number one is to just get through the move. You have a busy week ahead of you!!!! Love you lots and lots.

Amy said...

Colorado is such a beautiful place to live... :) Love you guys! Wish we could help you from afar... always just a phone call away!