Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Independence Day

What a fun weekend away. We packed up the kids and headed to the river this past weekend, Parker, Arizona to be exact. Tim's friend Anton invited us to come stay at the house he rented for the weekend to hang out and be lazy.

Well, I have two little ones so I didn't get to be too lazy but we all had such a fun time. It almost felt like we were filming for the "real world". Let's just say the occupancy full sign was hung on the door. Our four bedroom house was home to our family, Anton and his wife and 2 children, Anton's friend from elementary school and his two friends along with his brother and his brothers wife and two children, and lastly Anton's college friend and boyfriend and her boyfriends son. Phew, it was packed!

We set up a pool on the back deck for the kids to play in at any time of the day, and they did just that. The kids were in there at 7am and also at 9pm. Ryan and Noah NEVER had a shirt on! When they weren't playing in the little pool they were swimming in the big river. Ryan loved the boat the second he stepped foot on it. Noah on the other hand, it took some warming up. I did learn that when you are taking the family to the river it would be handy to charge the camera before you leave home. I only got a few pictures from the first day. Bummer. They weren't even warmed up yet! Oh well.

By the end of the weekend Ryan was crying not to come home. The kids had a blast playing with Anika (Noah had a secret crush). Here are a few pics I was able to take.

(Noah was not a huge fan of the wind in his face)

(Upper part of the deck, the lower had a boat dock attached)


Tim said...

Don't forget Anton's goddaughter was there too. Ridiculously packed house.

Linda said...

Can't beat the "DRY" heat, I don't care what anyone says. I love the summer here!!!