Tuesday, March 02, 2010


because I am totally in LOVE with this man

In other news:
Well there isn't that much other news. I have been working out...HARD! Although, I thought the gut just disappears after a week. What happened? Oh well, I still go back. I'm tired a lot more often now though. I did some squats on Saturday and I think the pain may never go away in my legs. So far I haven't done enough to want to talk about it now, but I hope this is a developing story.

Chelsea King. What a sad story. I hugged my boys extra tight tonight. I pray for the absence this family will endure. May God fill the void.

Tim's birthday is on Monday. Any idea's what I should get him for his birthday?

Lastly, this is our find of the month (well, last month) so thought I would share. Fresh n' Easy sells some yummy bread with roasted garlic cloves baked it. SO GOOD. Tim and I go through a whole loaf. Embarrassing huh? This bread alone will hinder my "developing story".

Smiles and happy Wednesday!

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