Friday, February 26, 2010

today was...

Today was "Silly hair day" at tiny tots. We asked Ryan on Wednesday if he wanted to color his hair for silly hair day. He said yes so we let him choose the color.

Yep, blue hair!

The problem:
He wanted NOTHING to do with his BLUE hair today. He cried when Tim tried to color it. He was embarrassed all the way to school. THEN when he got to school he didn't want ANY of his friends to see him. Oh, it starts early doesn't it? Tim had to have the teacher take Ryan into the class room. We start self esteem issues early in the Farmer household.

He made Noah participate. Poor Noah is the guinea pig for Ryan.

The WORST part? I missed it all! I knew this would happen since I have to work in the mornings but man it's a bummer. While all the messy hair commotion ensued, I was working. I hate being a (sort-of) working mother on days like today. I am blessed with being able to work a few hours and then be home with the kids the rest of the day. Today though, broke my heart. The up side? By the time I came home Ryan was digging his hair-do and let me take pictures of him.

Isn't he handsome? I think I like the blue hair. Dad did a great job.

Thank you Tim for being such a fun dad. Our kid's our truly blessed.

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Kylie said...

That is so cute! What great pictures!