Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Guess what I did yesterday...

went on a date with my husband!

Can you believe it? It was so nice to just be still for 2 hours. Now, let me start by saying we did go to a country concert on Saturday and saw Lady Antebellum and Rodney Atkins. That was different though. Why? Because it was what Tim wanted to do and not really my comfort zone. I'm not really a people person. Although, the music was good, there were a lot of people smoking (ok, EVERYONE was smoking). I digress...

So yesterday I kind of reached a boiling point. I needed away from the house. To be honest, I think my kids needed a fresh face also. I decided not to go to life group (hard decision) but since I already had a babysitter lined up I wanted to just go sit and be still. My awesome husband decided to come with me. We went to a quiet Mexican restaurant, had a bite to eat, and a drink (of course) and just talked. We caught up on life, you know the things that we are to busy to mention during the day too day craze of life.

Best part, when we came home Ryan was in a GREAT mood. It was hard putting him to bed he was so happy with life. Ahhh, so refreshing. We had great bedtime prayers. Ryan did all the praying last night if I tried to pray he would put his hand over my mouth. After prayers Ryan told me God was big and happy. I laughed and told him he was absolutely right.

I started thinking about my day. How I was brought to tears because I was overly emotional over everything that didn't go as planned during my day. God is big. Bigger than my problems, my fears, my sorrows. He is happy. He is happy when we worship Him, we pray to Him, when we TRUST Him! What awesome perspective my three year old gave me last night. What a better day I had today in light of his perspective.

Have I told you lately, I love my guys!!

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