Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day! (yesterday)

We had a pretty good fathers day around here. I think Tim would say the same. We went to

Church in the morning. After the 2nd service the youth out together a carne asada lunch. We stayed to eat and it was pretty yummy! Then we went home the kids down for a nap and watched the U.S. Open and napped. I have to admit, I am a little bummed Mickelson did not win. Although he had a good comeback this morning. (side note: see what Tim has done to me, I watched the Open all weekend and even found myself watching it when he wasn't home!)

After the Open, we decided to head out to Coronado to watch the sunset and eat some BBQ. Tim loved the BBQ place they have down there. I think it restored his faith in GOOD BBQ. We laid a blanket down and while Tim ate his sandwitch the kids had some mac 'n' cheese. Then Ryan played by the water with Tim and was fascinated with the sand crab they found. One it got dark we ended up at NuYo for some frozen yogurt (sooooo gooood!). What a beautiful day it was in San Diego. Here are some pictures of the fun!


Linda said...

Great're doing good with your new camera!

Amy said...

absolutely beautiful... love the pics of Tim with the boys- Happy Father's Day Tim!