Sunday, March 15, 2009

I did it...

I didn't mean for it to happen but it did. Tim and I went to Best Buy to LOOK at the difference between the Nikon D40 and the Nikon D80. I was pretty sure I was leaning towards the D40. It was cheaper and a smaller camera. Now, with that said, when we got to Best Buy the D80 was on clearance (I guess they discontinued them). When all things were taken in to consideration (the fact that I want to eventually buy a prime lens)it seemed the D80 was going to be the best deal for us. They only had 3 left so we made the decision to get it then and there.

After the purchase was made I think I felt sick. This is a lot of money to be forking over. On top of that Tim wants to make sure he gets a return on his investment...good pictures! All of a sudden I feel very overwhelmed. Well, after church we went to Rubio's for lunch and I took some pictures of the kids. So, here they are. Please keep in mind this is my first time using the camera and I have yet to edit the pictures.

I know I have a looooong way to go to get the pictures I want but I don't feel as sick over the purchase as I did yesterday.


Fickle Obsessor said...

Beautiful pictures. I can only imagine what kind if pictures you'll take once you get a hang of it.

Linda said...

They look nice....very clear, plus, I like the camera because it made you blog!!!

The Early Family said...

I WANT A NEW CAMERA NOW!! Those photos are so clear. I thought my camera was good, but not now. I think it was worth the money.

mike said...

good for you, d40 is garbage.

since u forking out all those bills w/ our company payroll. u might as well splurge more..

get a 3rd party vertical grip and make ur cam look more cooler.

now u gotta teach me those aperture/f-stop/iso nonsense so i could retire from just setting it to automatic haha