Sunday, October 05, 2008


We had a great Saturday family day. We decided to go up to Julian. We went to the pumpkin patch, picked some apples at the orchard and bought some apple pie and drank some hot chocolate in town. The weather was perfect. After it being so HOT lately we finally got some fall weather. It was about 54 degrees and windy. Once we got into town it started to rain. It was a great day to just make memories with the family.

We started out with the pumpkin patch. There are lots a awesome pumpkins to pick from. I don't recall ever going to a cut your own pumpkin patch.

Me and my little man take a moment from looking at pumpkins to take a picture

Although, Tim and Ryan were much more interested in chasing and catching frogs that we saw. I realized at that moment this is my life from now on. Surrounded by boys doing boy stuff!

Ryan also got to feet the goats and pigs. I was nervous about the pig since one bit him last year.

Then we made our way to pick some apples. Ryan and Tim were eating the apples. I thought that was a little dishonest! Tim thought that was the only way to tell if they were good.

Tim then convinced me to eat one too.

More apple picking pictures

We brought a picnic lunch and went looking at places to sit and eat. This weekend we found out it was apple days festival that was walking distance from the orchard. We thought we could go in and eat lunch. Well, it was $5 a person to get in so we found some broken tables outside the festival and ate there. It was freezing!

Noah watched us eat lunch. We got his later

Then we went to downtown Julian but Tim left the camera in the car. We walked to the coffee shop and I had coffee while Tim and Ryan had hot chocolate. It was nice and warm in there. I love that it's so cozy and inviting. So much charm in Julian. When we left it was raining. Looked in some shops then waited in line for about 20min to buy MOM's pies. YUMMM!! Then time to come home. Dropped Ryan off at grandma's for the night and had a quiet night at home. (quiet because we were sleeping) Tim led worship this morning at church and did a great job! Came home, watched the Chargers loose and had some more apple pie. What a weekend!


The Early Family said...

I am so jelious!! What a way to kick off the fall season. That is one thing I am sooo excited about if we end up moving to Portland. THE SEASONS!!! What a great post as we sit here in the beginning of October and it is still over 100!! I am glad at least someone is enjoying fall.


Kylie said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Amy said...

What a great family day. Although I'm sure this time did not compare to the wonderful day we spent in Julian- especially the car ride up there! It looks like you spent some quality time together and that's always fun! Noah looks like he's growing a neck! Your boys are so cute!