Sunday, September 21, 2008

Colorado: Estes Park

We had a great time for our last two full days in Colorado. We Started Saturday morning off with Andrews very first soccer game. The kids seemed to add a little football skills to the game but that just made it more interesting.

Ryan even got in on the action (to Tim's dismay)

Then we headed into the car (well, after we pack all the cloths and food, fed all the kids, and packed the cars) and went to Estes Park, a town at the entrance of Rockey Mountain National Park. On the way to our cabin we saw some Elk off to the side of the road... very cool.

We stayed at the Estes Park Condos and I highly recommend them. The cabin was beautiful. Two bedroom, two stories, with a jacuzzi tub and a full kitchen. Gas grills on the deck along with a hot tub all next to a river. BEAUTIFUL!

First thing we did once we got settled was go fishing. It was fun watching father/son pair sharing a typical father/son activity for the first time. And no we did not see one fish in the river but who cares!

Noah is too young for fishing but he was taking notes

Then it was time to cook up some dinner. Thanks to Chef Adam.
Ryan would not leave Tim's beer alone because he though it was juice. Tim decided to let Ryan have a sip so he can realize it was yucky beer. Well, let's just say we are going to have to keep Ryan close in high school...he loved the beer. Needless to say Tim's plan backfired on him. Now, why Amy then went on to give sips to Andrew and Joshua you have to ask her, I have no clue!

Kids went to bed and time for adults to play a bit. Anyone want microwaved smores?

Late night!

Adam & Amy took the kids and went back to their cabin. Tim and I decided to go for a dip in the hot tub on the deck. Once in I realized we couldn't hear Noah so Tim went to go feed him while I relaxed in the hot tub. It was all fun until I came face to face with a raccoon! Of course it's pitch black out (thanks a lot Tim) All I can think to myself is please don't let raccoons swim! I ran out of the tub and inside as fast as I could. Tim convinced me to go back out but then we hears a loud noise and that was it for our hot tub evening! Wildlife was WAY to close for me!

On Sunday, we decided to worship with God's beauty. We went into Rocky Mountain National Park and went "Hiking" around bear lake. Unfortunately for Andrew we all had to cram into the car (I know by now you are wanting to call CPS...please don't!)

Bear lake is a short 1/2 mile walk but trust me when I tell you that was perfect for that day. By the time we got there the kids were a little crabby (well, Noah and Andrew) The lake was just beautiful! God is GOOD! Best of all, I didn't see one raccoon at the lake!

The squirrel doing an army crawl at his lakeside home

After the lake we came back to check out of the cabin and went into town

Ryan and Andrew

Then we went into town to walk around a bit. Seems Ryan was the only kid that stayed awake for downtown (Joshua not pictured)

Like I said we all had a great time and hopefully we will be back there again soon.


Kylie said...

Such good pics! And PS - I did note the time you posted and church did start at 10:30. LOL.

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing your vacation, looks like a good time!