Friday, June 27, 2008

Water fun

Well at this rare moment I have both kids asleep. This has been a fun but challenging week. We have spent a lot of time playing in the water (Ryan has come along way in the water since you saw him Rachel). Ryan seems to be a little cranky this week and I think part of it is Noah being around. We are working it out though!

Noah has been going through some weight issues. As most of you know Noah has not been breastfeeding well. We ended up taking him to the doctor and he has only gained about 1 pound since birth. Since he is 6 weeks old this is not great but at least he is not losing. We now have come to a nice combination of bottle and breast feeding.

This week we took Ryan to our HOA pool and let him play with his friends in the play structure.

Here is Ryan and Tyler in their summer attire

Then on Sunday we went to the local mall and let Ryan play in the water there

And Ryan after eating his cookie

Well that is all for now. We are off to Sea World this evening, I'm sure more pictures to come.

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Linda said...

Thanks for sharing. Ryan looks like he enjoyed his cookie!! Hope you are feeling better. Luv ya