Friday, April 04, 2008

Work no more!

I'm FREE!!! Done! Work is over for me!!! Well, at least for a few months. I am so excited. Now I just need to do the hundred things around here to get ready for the baby! Things never slow down do they? The house needs to be completely cleaned from top to bottom before Tuesday when the carpet cleaners come.


The Early Family said...

You think things are busy now, just wait!! And as for cleaning, well I would go ahead and clean the house from top to bottom because that will be the last good cleaning the house will be getting for a while. After a few months you get adjusted to your new schedule, but in a few weeks you will be busier than ever. So relax as much as you can now because you think your tired now just wait. But I really is wonderful to have another new little one. You see to forget how innocent and precious they really are. Good luck!! Enjoy the few months off of work because it goes by to quick.


Linda said...

Clean,. clean, clean.......booooooring!

Glad you're off work! Enjoy!

Love ya

Kylie said...

Let's party.