Monday, March 03, 2008


It's way overdue but Tim and I joined a life group again. We have not been a part of a life group since Ryan was born. We haven't been in a study not because we haven't wanted to but because our schedule has been crazy.

We were so excited to go last week. When we got there I found out that our study was going to be on the book of Isaiah. Isaiah? Why Isaiah I thought. Can we do something, anything, in the new testament. Then God did what he does best, hits me over the head and humbles me. As we got into the study I remembered how relevant our God is. Something that was written so long ago is still so useful in our life today. Are we called to live a life of routine or a life living outside our comfort zone?

I am so happy we are back in followship with friends sharing Gods word! I feel so much better. God is Good!

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