Wednesday, March 12, 2008


There are so many times where I have Ryan with me and I have to run an errand but the thought of dragging Ryan out of the car for something little seems like to much work so I skip it. I was reading this article and I had very mixed emotions. The mother parked in a loading zone outside walmart and left her 2 year old daughter sleeping in the car while she took her 2 older daughters to the salvation army can to donate money they collected. The car was locked and the alarm was on. In fact, the car was never out of the mothers sight. The mother was arrested and now on trial for child endangerment.

As parents I think we are left with these choices all the time. What if we want to run into Starbucks? How about running to someones front door to drop something off? I guess my own thoughts on it was the car was never out of the mothers sight. I've left Ryan in the car to run inside the house before which would be further then the woman was from her car. I think the police are taking this a little far. Maybe they could have warned her about the danger but not arrested her.

Does any one else have an opinion on this?...


Fickle Obsessor said...

I just read that article and I think it's ridiculous that the police had her hand-cuffed and in the patrol car before her husband got there. 30 feet away with the car alarmed and in site isn't very far. It's hard to figure out what the cop's intentions were. Is it the case of the Po-Po trying to hold the man down or is he just trying to keep a child safe? Disappointing nonetheless.

The Early Family said...

I agree with the women being arrested. I don't care if she could see the care or not. If she would have gotten away with it this time would she have taken it even further the next time. Look at these people who are just running into the store real quick to grab milk or something and the child dies. A year ago or so people were leaving there kids in the car running while they ran into there house to get something, the car's were stolen with the kids inside. I don't care if it was a second or not. I personally don't think you should ever leave your child in the car to go run an arrand, no matter if you can see them or not. If you don't want to wake your child up then the arrand is not that important.


bobby said...

Wow. Give me a break. So here's the deal. I don't think I could condone running into Starbucks for a drink with a kid in the car. Personally. But this story is just ridiculous.

And it brings up an interesting larger question. How much right should the government have in telling us how to raise kids? It's touchy because of course they have to protect children, too, but hoe far do you go?

Should a mother who took her eyes off her child at the grocery store long enough for her child to run 30 feet away be arrested? What about the mom that waits while her child throws a fit at the mall becaus she doesn't want to encourage by doing something about it. Should she be in trouble for neglecting her child? Or if you smack the hand of your son as he reaches for candy in the checkout aisle for the 34th time after being told no 33 times? Abuse?

Use some common sense for crying out loud. The car was right there. It sounds like she is clearly a loving and responsible parents. She was even teaching her kids how to care for others at that very moment. She wasn't at the back of the parking lot (although she would have been better off there cause the cop might not have seen her). Let the lady walk 10 yards, give her kids money to a good cause, and be on her way.

Linda said...

I say wake the baby up. I don't believe in leaving a child alone in a car for any reason, or any amount of time. What if someone had broke the window, jumped in the car and stolen it? Car alarm or not, could she have gotten there in time? Would she have endangered her other kids, as well as herself, running to save the baby? I haven't read the article, but well try to find it; however, I don't think it will change my mind. Yes, she was teaching her other kids to care for others, but does that allow her a free pass? Maybe this is a good wake up call for others.

Rachel said...

It's good that I'm married to Bobby, cuz I totally agree with everything he says. I think it's crazy. I've left Caleb in the car for a sec when I've had to use the ATM or something and I could see him. I would never leave him to go inside a store or something. I think it's scary to allow the government to decide where to draw the line with parenting.