Tuesday, October 23, 2007

fire update

Well, last night Tim came home about 12am to wake me and Ryan up. He felt that the fire was close enough to get out of dodge. I wanted to wait until we were told to leave but I know Tim is not able to be home and would like to know his family is safe. I woke up Ryan, put the last of the things in the car,got Badger in the car, and we left to my mothers house.

Leaving with the glow of fire in the background, and the stop lights not working was spooky. On the 4 mile drive to my moms house we saw 4 fire trucks pass us by going toward to fire. I didn't sleep that well but we made it through the night.

We are now back at home. They have evacuated the area right across the street from us but I am prepared to stay at home until we are told otherwise from the police. It has been a long 2 days and it looks like another long night.

At this time the area looks good and the immediate fire seems to be going in another direction. I hope and pray things stay this way.


Bobby said...

Thanks for the updates! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey megan.. Jolean here from laurel pines (like back in 2000?) i came here from amanda vanhofweggen (lunberg) blog.. Just wanted to let you know i am praying for your family, and also to say hi!.. our thoughts and prayers are with you