Thursday, September 13, 2007

Here we go again. I've been a little nervous to write this post. If you haven't already heard it from me... I'm pregnant. (the picture was from last time I was prego...still to lazy to transfer pics from camera). I am a little scared. Ryan is not even 1 yet. I can't even imagine having 2 under 2 years. I think I'm freaking myself out even more right now. I'm a little frustrated right not though. I called on Monday to make an appointment but the can't get me in until Oct. 1st. This seems light years away! I THINK I am 2 months along but I'm not sure. I can't wait to go to the doctor to confirm everything.

On another note my little baby is turning 1 year old! I'm not sure how this is possible since we just got out of the hospital! He makes me laugh every day. He has such a HUGE personality, I have no clue where it came from.

If this new little bean can bring us half the joy Ryan has we are blessed beyond belief.

Until next time!!


Linda said...

Don't worry, everything will be fine. You, especially, should know this is God's plan. Where has your faith gone? You have your mom who is always willing to help you. I say, congratulations and I love you!

Bobby said...

It must have come from uncle Bobby! ;)

Congrats Megan. We're stoked or you guys. Can's wait to find out if Caleb gets another boy to play with or little girl to get him ready for a sister.