Thursday, August 16, 2007

Week in review

Well it's been a looooong week and I thought I would share a little with you. On Friday Ryan and I went to my company picnic at De Anza cove in mission bay. We got there around 5:30pm and left around 7pm. I was cold by the time we left but Ryan enjoyed the jumper he even jumped a little. (you would get sick if I tried to show you the video.

  • Sunday was water day at church. I didn't think I was going to stay for it but I decided to let Ryan hang out a little. I had to barrow a diaper (thanks Kylie) and a towel (thanks Lydia) but Ryan loved playing in the water with his friends. Because I had nothing with me I have no pictures of this.
  • Sunday was also my aunt Linda's birthday. We drove up to Escondido to visit with my mom, aunt and uncle at our condo in Lawrence Welk. We got there in time for dinner. We had Johns spaghetti, Ryan loved it.

We also had birthday cake. yummy and rich! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA!

We did a lot of swimming and hanging out. Ryan will not crawl on his knees on the grass. He is so weird.

On Tuesday my sister in law came over with the kids and we all went swimming.
He is now ready for the water

Ryan had a great time and loved the water structure.

Then to end the vacation we took some pics by the fountain

  • On Wednesday I got sick. It sucked and I ended up not going to work
  • On Thursday, Ryan and I went to John Roses house and Ryan jumped in the pool for a quick dip.

  • After the long week Ryan was pooped!


Bobby said...

The video won't load so I tried to watch it at YouTube and you have it set on private. What's up with that??

otherwise...great pics! ;) Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

Wow, love the birthday cake pic. Glad you didn't mention age!! We had a great time. Uncle John said it is more fun when everyone is there. It was kind of quiet after you guys left. John missed you! Just kidding, we all did.

Love ya!