Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another wedding

Last weekend we went to a wedding for Phil and Kim. Tim was in the wedding so we also did the rehearsal dinner thing. It was a beautiful wedding in Rancho Santa Fe at the Rancho Valencia Resort. The rehearsal dinner was at Karl Strauss and was also nice and fun.

At the rehearsal dinner beer was all you could drink. Ryan and I went non alcoholic, needless to say I drove home. For dinner Tim and I both had pork chops, with a teriyaki sauce on it with mashed potatoes, and green beans. Very good, way to much to eat. Ryan also got a HUGE plate of pasta. This was also his lunch and dinner for the following week. (I still think there is some in the fridge). Dessert was a berry apple cobbler with ice cream. Yummmm.....

The Wedding:

My handsome husband:

The Bride and Groom:

This was a beautiful wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, we went to cocktail hour. Tim was taking pictures so I talked to Tim's co-worker, James, and his beautiful pregnant wife, Carrie. They brought around crab cakes, lpbster somethings, and coconut shrimp (my personal favorite). Oh yeah, did I mention open bar! I had diet Pepsi though! Tim joined up with me right before the bar closed so he got himself a long island iced tea. Then we went in for dinner.
We got to meet some interesting people along with catching up with some old friends.

For dinner we had fillet mignon with a tomato thing next to it. The meal was sooo good, I ate it all up. During the wedding the bar was serving complimentary beer, and wine. Again, I drove home!! It was a beautiful evening sent with my husband. Tim actually danced with me.


Linda said...

What a great picture of you two.

Steve Eller said...

A wedding in The Ranch. Nice